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Welcome to the

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Mafia is a party game that can be played in a group or online. The premise is that a group of townsfolk (the good guys) try to discover and root out the Mafia menace hiding amongst them. The game has day and night phases: During the day everyone attempts to discover who the Mafia are and vote to eliminate them (execution). During the night discussion is halted and the Mafia choose someone to kill. The game ends when either the Mafia have control of the town or every Mafia member is dead. There are many variations on this!

Mini games are games with ~15 players or less, and Large games have more than ~15 players. A new game starts up on average at least once a week, and new players are always welcome!

We play Mafia on the Something Awful Forums. Here is our main thread and here is our Announcement/Mechanics-only thread. We're also sometimes on IRC here (quicklink) or here (fulllink).

The Completed Games List contains a record of (almost) every game ever played, dating back to March 2007.

The topics on the Wiki are here, and all the pages available are listed here.

Mafiabot runs games for us on IRC.

About New to Mafia? Links

The SA Mafia Wiki is maintained by Ecco, with hosting incredibly kindly provided by Xythar, and glamorously assisted by Soru and Ardent. It was previously hosted by Phil Keenan (TLB), who very sadly passed away on November 22, 2010. He is sorely missed by all who knew him.

Should you need to reach Ecco, either leave a message on their user talk page or via Forums PM.

The following people are exceptional: Ardent, TLB, Xythar, Soru, Kilgrey, The Ninth Layer, Ecco, Women's Rights Capitalist Pig.

A good place to start would be: An overview of Mafia for new players, and the Standard Mafia Rules.

Every Mafia Role has a Win Condition (alignment), which is usually one of: Town, Mafia, Third Party, or (very rarely) Cult. Anti-Town alignments are generally known as Scum.

Some of the more common Roles that you'll find in games are: Cop, Doctor, Mafia Goon, Mafia Godfather, Serial Killer. You may also find: Masons, Miller, Survivor, Vigilante, and even: Bulletproof, Bodyguard, Bus Driver, Cultist, Inventor, Jailkeeper, Lovers, Lyncher, Roleblocker, Watcher... This is very far from comprehensive, there are hundreds of possible roles out there!

Games are run by a Moderator, and should you want to run a game, a good guide to modding is here. Games may be "closed" or "open" setup, in which the roles included are publicly known prior to the start. Some example standardMini Game setups are: C9, PieC9, Awesome and Vigilante. We also have Sample Role PMs and a Sample OP.

We use a number of Acronyms as shorthand, such as EXLO, OMGUS, and WIFOM.

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Mafia Game Announcement and Setup Discussion Thread.

Mafia Discussion Thread #5

Mafia Discussion Thread #4, requires archives.

Mafia Discussion Thread #3, it's Mafia just ignore the OP. No archives required.

Mafia Discussion Thread #2, requires archives.

The Mafia Game Announcement Thread #1, requires archives.

IRC quicklink, via mibbit.

IRC fulllink

MafiaBot Development

Mafia Discussion Thread #1, requires archives.

The Mafia Setup Vault, requires archives.

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