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MafiaBot is our bot on irc in #mafia. This page is already referring to the new bot, even though it may not be in the channel yet. To access the old MafiaBot-page, go to MafiaBotOld.


Using MafiaBot

To make MafiaBot do something, you need to give him commands. In the channel, commands are prefixed with ##, for example, to list all currently running games you'd type ##list. You can also just message the bot with your command directly, without the prefix: /msg MafiaBot list. The bot will always reply the way you contacted it.

Differences to the "old" MafiaBot

One of the biggest differences is that you do not specify the variant when creating a game. So, to create a game, you'd use ##create name gametype. Game types are currently "Mafia" and "Barebones", since Mafia is the default, you can just use ##create name. Once you are in the channel, you can use ##variant whatever to set the variant.

Names of some commands have changed, for example, nightkills are given using the ##nightkill command. You will get the names of your commands in your role PM.

Submitting bugs

If you do encounter a bug, please go to the Launchpad Bug Tracker and submit the bug. Please make sure that the bug has not already been submitted. You will have to register an account on Launchpad to submit bugs, unfortunately.

Only bugs posted on that site will be dealt with unless it is very important.

If necessary, Ardent and Wuntvor have access to reset the bot.

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