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It died, ecco was sad.

INSTRUCTIONS: This queue is for large games only. Mini-games do not need to be placed on this queue. Please add your game to the correct list; if you are expecting to run your game soon (within the month), put it under the "READY" list. If you are not ready (the setup is not finished, you're too busy right now, etc), then put it in the "NOT READY" list. Please wait at least a week on the READY list before running your game, unless you've asked the people ahead of you for the go-ahead.

The "Announced" date is when you first announced to the community that you wish to run a game; BOTH lists are ordered chronologically based on announced time, so the sooner you announce the higher you will be on both lists.

Please note that no mod is permitted to reserve more than one place in the queue.



Announced: Primary Mod: Co-Mods: Contact: Theme: Players: Setup Complete? Details: Estimated Run Date:
3/2/2011FronzTwobaggerAIM: arachnidsgripabandoned mafia ship25Darn Tootin'whackier than alasdair!i dunno sometime soon
12/02/2009VoodooflyAIM: allmightyflyWIFOA 6(?)25Just needs the final coat of waxComplicated ways to play a simple gameNear the end of March
7/18/2011Token FemaleChiliAIM:buymeaphonyCommunity mafia25Hell yeahneat mechanics with few moving partswhenevs works for people
02/18/2012KilranBarehanded BrotherPMGame of Thrones25Just needs a 2nd pair of eyesSee threadWhen the number of Mafia games reduces



Announced: Primary Mod: Co-Mods: Contact: Theme: Players: Setup Complete? Details: Estimated Run Date:
01/06/2011WeLandedOnTheMoon!ChiliWeLandedOnTheMoon! (SA PM)March Madness64NoA game of mafia featuring divisions and seedingMarch
01/11/2011KhabuemnoneKhabuem (SA PM)Technology Expo26Basic framework yes, details noSemi-open setup, with all possible power roles known and distributed randomly regardless of alignment (see Regifting in the Completed Minis for an example.)Late February
02/17/2011Deadbeat Dadnone Common Muziq Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Mafia32Working on itFun game, customization, madness, yesMarch/April
05/12/2011wins32767need onewins32767 (SA PM)The Court of Louis XVII~25NoLots of different mechanics but still relatively power lightJune? July?
07/06/2011OpopanaxPMsSt.Valentine's Day Massacre30Planning stagesRomance and murderFeb. 2012


Announced: Primary Mod: Co-Mods: Contact: Theme: Players: Details: Game/Mod Status: Expected Run Date:
01/18/2010Golden_ZucchiniAIM: GoldenZucchiniStar Control 2: The Ur-Quan Mafia23Probably fairly vanilla, roleplaying encouragedNot done in the slightestN/A
02/24/2010SloppoAIM: NalltheHungryits dope but i cant tell you20-25do you not like surpriseshalfsies the ways theresN/A
02/27/2010WeLandedOnTheMoon!AIM: WeLandedOnTheAIMMetal Gear Mafia20-25Lots of interesting roles and mechanicssomewhat done, still needs workN/A
04/24/2010fitsfaddaAIM: fitsfaddaTBA28experiment game, has a nice twistabsolutely ready to goready, on hold until after megaten
05/09/2010Uranium PhoenixLooking for experienced comodJust PM meDeception at Castle Muroth24Revamping, still power-role heavynot ready, not balanced, running in a few months?Summer 2011
06/19/2010Tao JonesAIM: arrows4youThe Stab in the Back: Berlin 191825:hitler:Not ReadyLater 2010/Early 2011
7/15/2010AshenaiMikujinAIM: chaoslight at gmail dot comRobot Mafia23No vanillas, some novel roles, but nothing too weirdReadyRight after Mad Science Mafia
07/16/2010busbAIM: busbSA Civilization: When Great Nations Collide 34 Mafia with some Civ like features. More complex than Mass Effect, less stat heavy than World at War Not ReadyLater 2010/Early 2011
8/19/2010FronzKofkoA RICH WHITE MANAIM: arachnidsGripRed October Mafia24Pretty simple setup! Nothing too out of the ordinary!! But despite the lack of gimmick you'll still be exploding with delight when you play it!!ReadyNovember 2010
09/20/2010Varinn/fitsno mods no mastersAIM: Varinner/fitsfaddaHomestuck Mafia???????imagine megaten but BETTERNot ReadySummer 2011
10/08/2010Look Under The RockTBAAIM: starlightzornAmerican Gods Mafia~25Closed setup, will be badassNot readyWhen it's ready


Announced: Primary Mod: Co-Mods: Contact: Theme: Players: Setup Complete? Details: Estimated Run Date:
1/22/2009WindshipperAIM WindshippingWarhammer 40K #??lower 20\'sNODeath
1/24/2009Iron Chef Ramensc4rsAIM TastyEvil818FBI Mafia22Ready/ON HOLDStandard mafia with power roles with an FBI theme.
2/28/2009CirofrenAIM CirofrenEvil League of Evil Mafia26YESMildly Flavourful, a hint of spice.
03/11/2009MerkAIM nickmerkerAmerica: The Disgusting31YESDraft Bullshit!
3/25/2009TubeAIM LLJKTubeThe Devil~25YESA "hell" of a setup
04/03/2009WlokosAIM Wlokos7House Of Leaves21ishNOA neat, non-clusterfuck setup
4/16/2009BuaneAIM CanndgoodsBrainslugs From Outer Space VI: The Curious Cavemen of 30,000 B.C.20-24YES(strokes his caveman club)
4/22/2009JakepAIM iiSublimeLiBlood Bowl I: Humans vs Orcs~26-32NOClosed Setup. 2 Teams.
4/24/2009Grimnakaim: heyitsgrimnakChronicles of Narnia20YESclosed setup
06/01/2009RicolaAIM: JAMES RANDI ESQPARANOIA32YESclosed setup, full cardflip
06/11/2009PiuroWindshipperAIM: MafiaPiuroPhilosopher Mafia 2in the 20sNOclosed setup, full cardflip, PRs in the vein of the first Philosopher Mafia
06/26/2009OrvinSmithKurosakiAIM biguimanDresden Files (Books)25YESClosed setup, full cardflip, some book spoilers
06/27/2009CCKeaneAIM YankeeKeaneQueen VS AIDS mafia25ishNOClosed setup, full cardflip
07/27/2009CapnAndyAIM ninjaproofandyParanoia 1.5: That Last One Was An Un-Game32NOIt'll work this time I promise
08/02/2009KilGreyTao JonesAIM bethpettit8Dante\'s Divine Comedy [Inferno Mafia]~22NoClosed setup, cardflip on, unique set up
08/12/2009SmithKurosakiComod wanted (Perhaps ToxicFrog), but can be run alone if need beAIM: SmithKurosakiSimpsons Mafia29SETUP DONE, writing PMs right now! expect it as soon as possible!Cardflips on, lots of shiny things, can\'t believe it hasn\'t been done yet
08/17/2009SquigglyAIM birdcage or somethingUntitled Squiggly Project56a mixture of the Prestige, Keanu Reeves, and Mallrats
08/19/2009SomberbreroClockwork GadgetAIM Sombrero StanDEFCON Mafia24YESBig game version of DEFCON mechanic.
08/20/2009RidonkulousStill Looking, PM/AIM meAIM zero0314Xavier Institute of Higher Learning30YESMostly Vanilla,
10/01/2009SnowberriesAIM: MilkslakeChrono Trigger~25NONonsense en masse!
10/09/2009IllandrielAIM: AkayeonThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Mafia24NOClosed setup. "Nightless"
10/28/2009Flaggy???AIM punker024024024Army of Darkness21READYEcco is great and deserves much appreciation and respect
10/29/2009Shitty_WokNone yetAIM pigonthewing18The Stand Mafia26NoClosed setup, based off Stephen King's The Stand.
11/15/2009SWATJesterNeed oneAIM: lawvikingStar Wars: A New Mafiasomewhere between 25 and 32. Can be expanded as needed.Highly experimental, will shamelessly rip features from Soru WOT Mafia
11/16/2009soruAIM: doc soruWheel of Time 2: Wheel Harder24NOFeaturing as ridiculous ideas as I can fit in
12/01/2009SlothbearSilver Screen22Getting ThereDefending good taste against shitty modern movies!
12/02/2009VoodooflyAIM: allmightyflyProbably another WIFOA24Not YetComplicated ways to play a simple game
12/02/200950 Pounds of BreadAIM: wearinskauntletsLand of Eternity???
12/03/2009QuandaryAIM: SAQuandaryStar Wars Mafia?hahaha?
12/09/2009Poke-Protector 2000AIM: SAPokey2kPeriodic Table Mafia20-25noWeird night actions i suppose


Announced: Primary Mod: Co-Mods: Contact: Theme: Players: Setup Complete? Details: Estimated Run Date:
03/12/2008ChiliPhilip J. FryAIM: Contrary SonGrand Theft Auto26ON HOLDPretty Standard, lots of flavor
03/19/2008XytharAIM: Xythar2Super Smash Mafia Brawl~25NOA new challenger has arrived!
06/23/2008Zom AurAIM Zom AurDiscworld24+NOClosed setup, customized roles
07/03/2008dySanXAIM dinger dongerzAdventure Mafia~25IMMINENTChoose-your-own-adventure novel theme
07/08/2008Kloaked00EccoAIM Kloaked00Les Mafiables25NOEcco is a co-mod, what else needs to be said
07/08/2008AtoramosRalgnar, PiuroAIM MafiaPiuro, Ralgnar5, AzureBeliefRock & Roll Evacuation!LotsNOElectric Six, The Knife, AND The Aquabats!
08/09/2008May Contain NutsAIM KrtZer0Calvin & Hobbes Mafia25+NOClosed Setup, much flavor, hopefully lots of comic strips
10/07/2008Vote1fitsfaddaAIM Vote1nooneDeadwood Mafia24ON HOLD since vote1 has been gone for monthsA cocksucker of a game
10/27/2008TuckfardAIM Kuja17Lunatics 321NOPost restrictions, crazy people, might make up some new roles, would run no earlier than May'09
10/28/2008MiRTheNinthLayerAIM meinreverse, masterflaragonMafia 3199: Interstellar Edition25NOExperimental. Invite-only. Ready when MiR is able to run it.
11/27/2008SophiaVote1(?)AIM KarynBear817West Wing Mafia23-25NO?


Announced: Primary Mod: Co-Mods: Contact: Theme: Players: Setup Complete? Details: Estimated Run Date:
06/01/2007Matt CrueaBattle Royale22YESclosed setup - IT FUCKING HAPPENED IN 2013!!!
06/17/2007AuthormanAIM authorman1986Transmetropolitan24NOClosed Setup, Fucking Awesome, Will Never Actually Run Come On Authorman Prove Me Wrong
06/20/2007Jose ValasquezAIM davidbr02The Godfather28NO
07/17/2007Yoshifan823AIM umebakaGeometry Wars Mafia28-30FINALLYCardflip off, No OOT communication
07/31/2007The BetrayerAIM Abstract Toast?20NO
08/02/2007AlasdairCAIM ColonelAlasdairLords of Magic 225-35YES
08/11/2007waarAIM arottencatVanilla MafiaNOVanilla townies and scum only, no player cap but limited time recruitment, 20% of players are scum
08/31/2007MiaWallaceArdentAIM: SAArdent & TsarinaBombaAmerican Gods~ 20NOClosed Setup, Crazy Roles
10/04/2007ArdentSleil (may be other way around)AIM SAArdent???20-25?NOPart of my "challenging assumptions" series
10/19/2007TheHeadSageAIM TheHeadSageMelbourne Gangland Mafia: The Gangland WarUnknownNOWhacked Setup
12/12/2007MaxColonel PancreasAIM LFBProdA Song Of Ice And Fire 2: A Clash Of Kings23NOWar of the *5* kings.
12/31/2007The Ninth LayersoruAIM: SAninthlayerSeedy Hotel Mafia20+NOPlayers pick rooms to stay in each night, the Mafia killer kills everybody who stays in the room with him.
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