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RIP, Buddy.

Big Games:

Mafia 36 (South Park Mafia). Townie and survivor and actor victory. Hosted by The Ninth Layer. (W)

Mafia 37 (A Song of Fire and Ice Mafia). Townie victory. Hosted by Max and Colonel Pancreas. (W)

Mafia 42 (Battle for Fortune Island: Choose Your Own Role Mafia). Serial killer victory. Hosted by God of Evil Cows. (L)

Mafia 43 (Disgaea Mafia). Town and Survivor victory. Hosted by Ryanbomber. (W)

Final Fantasy Mafia: WARRIORS. Revive the Power of the ORBS!. Town Victory. Hosted by Golden Zucchini. (W)

The World Was Going Our Way - Mafia: Berlin, 1961. Town Victory. Hosted by Tao Jones (W)

Battlestar Galactica Mafia 2: Cylon Edition. Shut down by Mod. Hosted by Max (N/A)

Status Quo Mafia. Abandoned by Mod. Hosted by 50 lbs of bread (N/A)

Bastard Mod Mafia, because I hate all of you. Abandoned by mod. Hosted by Kingcobweb. (N/A)

Panic!: Douglas Adams Mafia. Town Victory. Hosted by Ardent, Golden_Zucchini, Porcus The Wombat, CCKeane. (W)

Welcome to Purgatory: Wild West Mafia Serial Killer Victory. Hosted by Tom Tucker. (L)

NFL Mafia Hosted by Token Female. Scum (Vengeance) Victory. (W)


Mini 89 (Will Smith Mini-Mafia). Mafia victory. Hosted by Tao Jones. (L)

Flavorless Mini Mafia. Town/Lyncher/Jester win. Hosted by 50 lbs of bread. (W)

Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Mini-Mafia. Mafia victory. Hosted by The Ninth Layer. (L)

C18 Mini-Mafia. Mafia victory. Hosted by The Ninth Layer. (L)

Mini ?? Highlander Mafia. TLB victory. Hosted by Jose Valasquez. (W - Solo)

Wine in Front of All: A Mini-Mafia Game. Town Victory. Hosted by Voodoofly (W)

Wine in Front of All II: Mafia Riesling - A Mini-Mafia Game. Scum Victory. Hosted by Voodoofly. (W)

Bastard Mod Mafia: With a Vengeance Scum and Survivor Victory. Hosted by kingcobweb. (W)


Trick-or-Treat Mini-Mafia Scum Victory. Hosted by TLB

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