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Xythar Moved to Japan to Watch Anime.

here i would normally offer you a cookie and say "have a cookie" but i have no e-cookies to give you so here have this spinnin' barnstar for major contribution instead (p.s. please bake me some cookies ok?). —Ardent 27th November 2010

Play History (work in progress)

Current Games

  • Book of Revelation Mafia

Past Games (Large)

Game Outcome Role Fate
Mafia 3 (Mafia with a Vengeance). Won Vanilla Townie NK'd
Mafia 4 (Mobsters and Monsters). Lost Vanilla Townie Endgamed
Mafia 7 (Bad Idea Mafia). Won Vanilla Townie (vig) Survived
Mafia 9 (Heroes Mafia). Lost Vigilante (Telekinetic) NK'd
Mafia 10 (MAFIA: France 1944.142857). Lost Mafia Traitor Suicided
Mafia 12 (The Lunatic is in Your Head). Lost Jack of all trades NK'd
Mafia 14 (Resident Evil 4). Won Backup Cop NK'd
Mafia 16 (Heroes Mafia II: Generations). Lost Miller Cop (Hacker) NK'd
Mafia 17 (SA Forums Mafia). Won Miller Mason Survived
Mafia 20 (Battlestar Galactica Mafia). Lost Vanilla Townie NK'd
Mafia 22 (Lords of Magic Mafia). Won Thief (TEAM AIR) Survived
Mafia 25 (Harry Potter and the Circus of Chaos). Lost Forensic Tracker NK'd (Alasdair lied, townies died)
Mafia 26 (X-Men Mafia). (as WIFOM) Lost Scum Tracker / Lover Dayvigged
Mafia 30 (MAFIA XIII.2: Armageddon). Won Yakuza Godfather Survived (it was an ordeal)
Mafia 35 (Soldiers of the Wasteland) - Western Kingdom). Lost Western King Don't Ask
Mafia 37 (A Song of Ice and Fire Mafia). Won SK Cop Survived
Mafia 41 (Mafia: France! 942 AD). Lost Cop NK'd
Mafia 42 (Battle for Fortune Island: Choose Your Own Role Mafia). Lost Day Roleblocker (Guybrush) NK'd
Mafia 43 (Disgaea Mafia). Won Secret SK / Flavour Tamperer Was Hilarious
Heroes Mafia III: Villains. Lost Mafia Geneticist NK'd
Final Fantasy Mafia: WARRIORS. Revive the Power of the ORBS!. Won Partial Bulletproof NK'd
Firefly Mafia: Hell with this, I want to live. Won Mafia Goon Lynched
MAFIA XIII.3 : Red Storm. Won Vanilla Townie / Neo-Communist Survived
Mafia - The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum! Won Watcher NK'd
Panic!: Douglas Adams Mafia. Lost Co-SK Lynched
Brainslugs From Outer Space 2: The Beast of Beta Blumbuminis. Won Mafia Goon Survived
France 1789: Revolutions Won Hated Townie NK'd
Hereos Mafia IV: Legacy Lost Ability Stealer NK'd

Past Games (Mini)

Game Outcome Role Fate
Mini 5 (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest). Won Mafia Goon Survived
Mini 8 (Mafia: Dethy. Five wise men sit on a cliff. Haiku discussion.). Won Cop Survived
Mini 12 (Worse Idea Mafia). Won Mafia Butcher Survived
Mini 15 (Mafia: Clue). Lost Vanilla Townie Endgamed
Mini 17 (Gulag Mafia). Lost Vanilla Townie Dayvigged
Mini 27 (Welcome to Townieville). Won Vanilla Townie Survived
Mini 31 (Pokemon Mafia). Won Mafia Godfather Survived
Mini 33 (Showdown at Anytown: Choose Your Own Role Mafia). Won Vanilla Townie (Kyon) Survived
Mini 38 (Hospital Mini-Mafia). Won Mafia Goon Survived
Mini 52 (The Ship of Lost Souls: Choose Your Own Role Mafia). Lost Cop (Konata) NK'd
Mini 61 (Ragnarok Mafia). Won Tracker Survived
Mini 75 (Melbourne Gangland Mini Mafia: The Battle for Melbourne Markets). Won Lyncher Left D1
Mini 80 (Wild Card Mafia). Lost Nexus Endgamed
Random Mafia III: Electric Boogalee. Won Cop Survived
Programming Languages Mafia. Lost Doctor NK'd
Mathematician Mini-Mafia: If X=13, find scum. Won Mafia Rolecop Lynched
CYOR Mafia: Ruckus in Ruritania! Won Lucky Townie (Croup & Vandermar) Survived
An Etna Dilemma Lost Mafia Traitor Cop Lynched
Samurai Assassins Won Roleblocker Survived
Terror in Torre Lupara Lost SK Lynched

Games Hosted

Fun Stats

Outcome by Alignment

Won Lost Total Win Rate
Town 17 15 32 53%
Scum 8 3 11 72%
3rd Party 3 3 6 50%
Total 28 21 49 57%

Fate by Alignment

Survived / Endgamed NK'd Lynched Other Total Survival Rate
Town 15 16 0 1 32 46%
Scum 6 1 3 1 11 54%
3rd Party 3 0 2 1 6 50%
Total 24 17 5 3 49 48%

  • Number Of Times I Have Been A Cop: 8 (16%)
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