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A Bulletproof (or BP) role is a player that is naturally immune to nightkills without needing the intervention of another player. This is generally a permanent power, though oftentimes, especially in larger games, it will only work once or twice. Likewise sometimes the player knows if they have been targeted for a nightkill, and other times they do not; ask your mod if it's not clear in the role PM.

Typically, Bulletproof is a considered a "passive" role, in that being Bulletproof is not a night action, and thus cannot be tracked, roleblocked, etc. Some games and mods have BP powers done actively, like a self-protecting Doctor. Once again, ask your mod if it's not clear in your PM.

Bulletproof players are a threat to the Mafia, as they are unable to be killed, but face the unfortunate problem of being unconfirmed without wasting a Vigilante kill. Because of this, Bulletproof is a common fakeclaim for scum, as scum generally are not often nightkilled, and townies tend to be reluctant to vote bulletproof players.

In games with more than one killing group (SKs, vigilantes, etc), it is not uncommon for the scum to have a real Bulletproof role, either.

Almost always, a Bulletproof ability extends towards day actions as well, such as a shot from a Daykill (but not an execution; that's a lynchproof). On rare occasions, Bulletproof will exclusively operate with daykills, though this is called a "daytime BP."

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