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This article is about the entirety of the game of Mafia. For information on the in-game Mafia group, see Mafia (group).

Mafia is a game. It is also a framework for calling people retarded, drooling morons, and having a great deal of fun in the process. It is also an exercise in both lying and attempting to decipher who else is lying, and to what extent.

A game of Mafia is run by a moderator, who gives players roles to play. These roles will have an alignment (win condition), and may have various powers, factions or storyline flavour-text attached to them.

The original game boils down to the attempt of an uninformed majority, the Town, attempting to determine who amongst them is the informed minority, the Mafia. The town has the ability to elect a player to be removed from the game each game-day, and the Mafia the same each game-night. Should the Mafia outnumber the Town , the game is won by the Mafia . Should all the Mafia die, the game is won by the Town.

There are however many different takes upon this principle, some more experimental than others.

On SA, Mafia is played in Play by Post, with one game occasionally running in GBS to attract new players. At any given point we traditionally have 2-3 larger games running with a handful of minigames.

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