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Current Games

Panic!: Douglas Adams Mafia

Previous Games

  • Mafia for Dummies (Town, Lost)
  • Heroes Mafia II: Generations (Town, Lost)
  • Warhammer 40k Mafia (Town, Lost)
  • Harry Potter and the Circus of Chaos (Town, Lost Due To Own Stupidity)
  • X-Men Mafia (Town, Lost)
  • Diablo walks the Earth (Town, Lost)
  • MAFIA XIII.2: Armageddon (Town, Lost)
  • Shakespeare: A Comedy of Mafia (Scum, Was Mod-Killed Due To Own Stupidity)
  • Pulp Fiction Mafia (Town, Lost)
  • Soldiers of the Wasteland - Eastern Kingdom (Eastern Kingdom Town, Won)
  • South Park Mafia (Town, Kinda Won)
  • A Song of Fire and Ice Mafia (Scum, Lost)
  • Paranoia Mafia (Town, No Winners)
  • Heroes Mafia III: Villains (Scum, Lost)
  • Final Fantasy Mafia: WARRIORS (Town, Won)
  • The World Was Going Our Way - Mafia: Berlin, 1961 (Town, Won)
  • Battlestar Galactica Mafia 2: Cylon Edit (Scum, No Winners)
  • MAFIA XIII.3 : Red Storm (Demon Circle, Lost)
  • Resident Evil 4 Mafia (SK, Lost)
  • Earthbound Mafia: Truly the third strongest game of mafia! (Town, ??)

Previous Mini-Games

  • Sopranoes Mini-Mafia (Forget What Role I Had, Replaced in, Mod-Killed Due To Inactivity)
  • Tornadoes and Mafia (Town, Lost Horribly)
  • Batman Mafia (Scum, Was Replaced Due to Inactivity)
  • Mafia and the Amazing Technicolor Dreacoat (Town, Lost)
  • Mafia: Wolves at War (Town, Lost)
  • Mafia: Team Fortress 2 (Scum, Lost)
  • |||||||'s mini mafia (Paper, Lost)
  • Marvel vs. DC mafia (Scum, Replaced In, Won)
  • Terrorists have attacked Imaginationland!! (Town, Lost)
  • Thirteen Angry Ventures (Town, Won)
  • The Betrayer is a Dick: Mafia Style (Survivor, No Winners)
  • A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do: Rugrats Mini-Mafia (Town, Won)
  • Fairy Tale Mini-Mafia (Survivor, Lost)
  • The Mafia of Catan (Town, Replaced In, Won)
  • Philosopher Mini Mafia (Town, Needed To Be Replaced, Won)
  • WR is Awesome Mini Mafia (SK, Won)
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