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The OP (or Original Post) is the first post in a thread. In a Mafia game, the OP is the most important post the moderator can make. The OP should be where players can turn to for information about the game, rather than scouring through the thread for the information. Common info to include are:

  • Flavor of the game, if any;
  • The rules the moderator prefers, assuming they don't follow the standard mafia rules;
  • Any unique mechanics for the game;
  • Any sample Role PMs, such as a shared Vanilla PM;
  • Win conditions for the game, and/or what factions are in the game ("SECRET" factions can still be hidden)
  • The list of all the players in the game, including links to their post histories for easy-access;
  • The list of all the living players in the game, so people know who is still playing;
  • The list of all the dead players in the game, with links to their death, so players can piece together the setup and keep the timeline of the game in their heads straight;
  • The deadline for the current Game Day, so players do not need to hunt for it;
  • The number of players alive compared to how many votes needed for an execution;

...And anything else that the players would find useful to have at easy access.

A Sample OP

The people of Mafia Town are attacked! Oh no! The townies need to find the mafia and eliminate them once and for all!!!!

Welcome to this game of mafia!

The standard mafia rules apply: don't do anything that could be construed as "not in the spirit of mafia."
SPECIAL RULE: Everyone must post like they are always in a hurry!

Every game day will have a deadline. If majority voting has not been reached by then, the day will end with no-hang.

To sign up, simply say whether you want to play or be a replacement, your AIM (if you have one), whether or not you have PMs, and an email address.

Here we go!

Player List:
1) Bobby
2) Jane
3) Sarah
4) James
5) Nikita
6) Amil
7) Horatio

- Beth
- Francis
- Hanako

Living Players:
1) James
2) Amil
3) Nikita

Dead Players:
Sarah, vanilla town, hanged day 1
Horatio, town doctor, killed night 1.
Bobby, mafia goon, hanged day 2.
Jane, town cop, died night 2.

The Current Votecount (link)
3 alive / 2 to be executed
Day 3 deadline: June 3rd, 11PM.

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