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Confirmed (or "mod-confirmed") is a game term that describes certain information given by the Mod to a player. Mods and Players have an unspoken agreement that "confirmed" information is information that players should believe to be 100% correct and accurate, since it comes directly from the Mod themselves acting as the speaker of the setup, rather than the conveyer of role information. For instance, the Mod telling a Cop they received a Town result on a Godfather is not considered wrong, since the Mod is reporting role information rather than speaking about the setup. But a Mod telling a Cop they are Sane when they are actually not would likely violate the Mod-Player Confirmation Agreement.

Common Examples

  • Role PM: The most frequent use of confirmed information occurs via the message the Mod gives the player informing them of their role and alignment. While the possibility exists for role or alignment to change as the game progresses (e.g. a Cult, or an uninformed Backup role), the information confirmed in the initial role PM, unless otherwise noted by the mod before or during role PM assignment, should be assumed to be 100% truthful. The Role PM is most players' foundation to the game; not knowing one's true alignment means one might behave in a way that actually damages their goals, for instance.
  • Cardflip: Barring extreme exceptions, Cardflips posted upon a player's death are considered "confirmed." The information may be ambiguous, such as in the case of Partial Cardflips or Third Parties, but at least the information should be accurate.
  • Masons: a Mason team is considered "confirmed" if the Mod tells them, as speaker of the setup, that they are all Town. This lets them talk to each other without suspicion. Conversely, unconfirmed masons are left unsure of the alignment of the corresponding members, and must first develop trust before they can feel comfortable exchanging ideas freely with each other.


Oftentimes players will use the word "confirmed" casually to describe information obtained from their night actions, such as saying "so-and-so is confirmed town via cop investigation." They rarely mean they believe the player is confirmed town in the sense that there are no possibilities for the result being inaccurate; it's merely shorthand. Night actions are not guaranteed in the same manner as other mod-given information, as other roles may falsify the results (e.g. a Framer).

It's customary, if the players are supposed to be skeptical of all mod communication regardless of context, for the Mod to inform the players beforehand in the OP of the game.

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