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A Cop is an investigative role, usually town-aligned, that is allowed to investigate one player per night to determine their alignment. There are many varieties of the Cop role, although most cops are generally sane, and other varieties are not seen unless the game is large, with multiple investigative roles, or is a variant of Dethy. Most of the time, regardless of the variant of cop a player is, he is told that he is a normal cop in his role PM. Sometimes though a moderator will warn you if your sanity is in question.


The four most common "flavors" of cop are:

  • Normal: Normal Cops choose one player per night to investigate. At the end of the night phase, if the cop is still alive, he receives the truthful results of his investigation. For example, if the cop investigates a scum player, he will receive a result of "SCUM". However these cops can still be tricked by millers and godfathers.
  • Naive: Naive Cops are like normal cops, except that they always receive a "TOWN" result, even when investigating scum or millers.
  • Paranoid: Paranoid Cops are the opposite of a Naive Cop -- they find all players to be SCUM, even townies and godfathers.
  • Insane: An Insane Cop gets a result opposite of the player's actual alignment. E.g., town and godfathers show up as "SCUM", and millers and scum show up as "TOWN." Because insane cops' results are dependent on the player chosen, an insane cop has the potential to be useful, unlike naive or paranoid cops who only ever get junk results.

Less Common Varieties

  • Ecco Cop: Sends the moderator as many names as wished, and receives a "SCUM" result if one or more of the players is scum, and a "TOWN" result if all the players are town.
  • Daycop: Investigates during the Day as opposed to during the Night. Typically receives results instantaneously. Likely cannot be roleblocked since it is a day action. Is generally anonymous.
  • Serial Killer Cop: Also at times called the FBI Agent, is a cop that gets a "SCUM" result on the serial killer but no one else.

Very Rare (AKA stupid)

  • Random: A Random Cop gets a completely random result on all investigations.
  • Binary: Binary cops switch investigations between "TOWN" and "SCUM" each night, regardless of the player chosen.
  • Windshipper Cop: a cop who gets scum results on whether or not they were scum in the first game on the forums AND has insulted 2 players in the game.

These "Very Rare" cop types are really stupid. Like, beyond stupid. Primarily because it is not likely a player will actually live long enough to determine their beyond worthless sanity. As a mod you should not use them and as a player you should scold and shame mods who do.

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