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Investigations are a type of night action that give information about other players or the game in general.

Types of Investigations

  • Cops are the most common investigation role in any game. Their investigation discovers a player's alignment, such as town, or scum. In some games, a cop investigation can discover third-party roles too.
  • Rolecop investigations focus on a player's role instead. Depending on the game, rolecops can discover role names, role abilities, or flavor names. Rolecop investigations are arguably more useful for the Mafia than the Town, and are typically scum.
  • Tracker investigations reveal the targeted player's night actions. Depending on the game, trackers can either discover who a player targets that night, or what action a player performed that night, or occasionally both.
  • Watcher investigations show who targeted the Watcher's target.
  • Forensic Investigators can investigate a dead player's body and discover everyone who targeted that player over the course of the game.
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