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The SomethingAwful Mafia player IRC channel is #mafia at[1]

The channel owner is JoseV and the admins are Ardent, Ecco, Varinn, and soru. There are also a whole bunch of ops.

Games of IRC mafia involving Mafiabot occasionally take place in the channel. PokerBot was there too, once upon a time. Other games, such as Paranoia, Arkham Horror, iSketch, Pseudobabble take place too when the mood strikes us.

Currently, Jetlam, CJMiller[2] and Piuro[3] are banned from #mafia, as well as the entire country of Norway[4].

IRC Mafia

IRC mafia differs from forums mafia in that games are very fast paced and involve far fewer players. Also, IRC mafia is played on IRC and forums mafia is played on the forums, obviously.

Mafiabot runs several variants of mafia, including:

  • Random: the most popular, which can be run with any number of players greater than 3
  • Barebones: where the mod can set whatever roles they want. Sometimes used by mods to test out small setups.
  • C9
  • Dethy
  • PieC9
  • Awesome
  • Kingmaker
  • Trivia: not technically a type of Mafia, just a variant on Kingmaker with Trivia questions
  • Vigilante
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