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Jetlam is a mafia player who is a total sleazeball.

He was a creepy motherfucker in IRC, stalked several people (mostly female goons), and had several accounts that he tried to talk to people with.

He also made a GBS thread that he got banned for where he printed out a photo of a female goon, jacked off on it, and posted a picture of the result. he then asked other people to print off the picture, jack off on it themselves, and reply with pictures of that.

Basically he's a horrible person and a horrible player and is rightfully one of the two people banned for life from the IRC.

He uses alts to try and insert himself back into the community, but he's pretty incompetent so we find him pretty quickly. Beware anyone from a IP address; it's probably just Jetlam again.

Mafia Cheating

In May 2010, Jetlam was caught using his alts to multibox a mafia game, receiving two roles and playing them both. Do not let him or any of his aliases into your future game!

Wiki Contributions

Despite his horrible reputation, he has contributed a lot to the wiki by giving us the template for a swanky front page. So that's something I guess.

Confirmed Jetlam Aliases

  1. Jetlam
  2. Sword in the Brain!
  3. Petrichor
  4. Fork
  5. Brennon
  6. Natalie Portmanteau
  7.  ???
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