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PokerBot is the creation of Ardent, with the co-operation & help of TLB & Wuntvor!

The commands of PokerBot:

Help command:

  • p help

Tournament commands:

  • p join - Join the next tournament
  • p quit - Quit immeditately
  • p start - Starts the tournament
  • p abort - Aborts the tournament

Play commands:

  • p check - Checks
  • p call - Call
  • p raise <amount> - Raise
  • p fold - Fold
  • p max - All in
  • p pot - Raise by the size of the pot.
  • p make <amount> - Makes the bet <amount>
  • p bet <amount> - Same as p make
  • p undo - Undoes any advance action

Status commands:

  • p cards - Shows your cards again
  • p board - Shows the board again
  • p status - Shows how much money everyone has, and what is going on on the board
  • p position - Shows where you are in the game.
  • p remind <nick> - PokerBot will send a reminder to the player whose turn it is to get their arse into gear.

Poker Settings: - (to be set before game start)

  • p blind <amount> - Set size of the small blind, default set to 20-40
  • p double <interval> [hands] - Sets time interval for doubling the blind, if [hands] is set then it is the number of hands instead, default set to 4 hands
  • p bankroll <amount> - Set size of bankroll, default set to 1000

Player leaving settings:

PLEASE only use these if someone has left the table during a tournament and not typed "p quit"!

  • p vacation <nick> - If the nick is blank, this automatically sends you on vacation. Else, it sends whoever is the target on vacation. While someone is on vacation, they will automatically blind, and check, but they will fold upon any raise.
  • p back - Can only be used by the person on vacation - removes someone from vacation.

Special player commands:

  • p draggy
  • p jammy
  • p kk
  • p porcus
  • p windy
  • p xyxy
  • p varinn

Special game commands:

  • p fuck
  • p welp
  • p jose
  • p firsthand
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