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The Tactician is a town role that combines aspects of Bomb, Bulletproof and Vigilante. The role has two actions, either of which may be taken during the night phase:

  • Power 1: During each night, you can submit a list of who you think each player will have their vote on at the end of the following day. During the following night, you will be immune to kills from each player you successfully predicted during the day, and, furthermore, if they should try to nightkill you, you will kill them instead. Your list may include a number of players up to no more than half of the current number of living players rounded down. (IE, if there are 14 alive, you may submit at most 7 names.)
  • Power 2: Instead of using the above power, you may instead submit a single name and who they will vote for. If you are correct in your prediction, you are immune to kills from that player, and you will kill them during the following night.

Typically, the tactician is immune to the roleblocker, since the role is hard to use. At the mod's discretion, the kill from the second power can ignore doctor protection.

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