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[07:07] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> busb i will explain 7ths

[07:08] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> a player said (on first day voting) "We have a 1 in 7 chance of lynching a townie"

[07:08] <busb> awesome

[07:08] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> i decided this was a complete mafia slip for several reasons

[07:08] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> one, how the fuck would a townie know the proportions

[07:08] <busb> yep

[07:08] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> two if it was a guess at proportions

[07:08] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> why would they choose such a convuluted number like 7

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> and three when called out on it

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> the guy said he had played mafia lots of times

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> with 3 mafia in a group of 10

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> and therefore there would be 3 mafia in a group of 25

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> 22/3 = 7

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> hence his sevenths

[07:09] <busb> i get points 1 and 2

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> which seemed p stupid he'd think there would be the same amount of mafia in a 25 and 10 player gamer

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> *game

[07:09] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> so I deduced:

[07:09] <busb> point 3 is just him being retarded though

[07:10] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> 3 mafia, 21 townies, 1 sk

[07:10] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> and 1 mafia slipping up

[07:10] <Alasdai-R-RLZ-1> busb that was the point, if he was a townie he'd have to be VERY RETARDED

Even More Backstory

Okay so the guy who originally got accused of seventhing wasn't actually scum. Some people will point to this and say "SEVENTHS IS BULLSHIT" but these people are unsophisticated. A sevenths is nothing more than a brazen scumslip and scum let slip information they shouldn't have all the time. This is the basis of all scumhunting and therefore of The Game Itself.

Think of it like the legend of King Canute. Like yes okay, he wasn't literally arrogant enough to think he could order the waves to turn back, but the point of the story (i.e. the power of kings is worthless and empty when compared to the infinite might of God) still stands.

Or rather it would still stand if God existed.

Am I making sense here?

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