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An Execution (or commonly lynch) occurs when the necessary amount of votes fall on the same player, removing them from the game. The last vote needed to move the player to an execution is called the hammer, and once the hammer is placed, all communication in thread stops until the mod gives flavor (if there is any) and declares the player dead. The Night phase soon follows.

Executions are the primary means for the town to remove scum from the game. Executions are also used by scum to steer the town in the wrong direction by deflecting suspicion from themselves onto suspicious-but-innocent players. Executions generate the majority of content and can be analyzed to discover scummy voting patterns and connections.

If a town fails to execute, it is called a No-Hang. This is generally a bad thing, however sometimes a town can vote to no-hang if they believe the night actions will be more helpful with another warm body still alive.

If a town executes very quickly, this is called a "quickhammer" or "quicklynch." Since it means an entire game day goes by without much discussion or case-making, a quickhammers are also generally a bad thing.

Types of Executions

  • Majority: the amount required to execute is half the number of living players +1, rounded up. So in a 13 player game, 7 votes would be required on a player to execute them. This is the most common.
  • Plurality: a player only needs a plurality of votes to be executed by the deadline instead of a majority. Sometimes there still needs to be a set benchmark, like, say, a third of the amount of living players. The benefit of plurality execution is that it helps to avoid unintentional no-hangs; the drawback is it gives scum players a bit of an edge closer to the deadline by making their votes carry more weight.
  • Lights Out: when the town can execute multiple times in a single day. Typically each execution extends the deadline by a certain amount, and the flips are tolled until executions are complete and the day ends.
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