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Lynch all Liars is the belief that whenever a player is caught in a blatant lie, they should be executed. This belief, in order to be effective, does not discriminate based on alignment; if a player lies, even if it is believed they are Town, they should be executed. This is because, firstly, lies and deception are the best tools the Mafia have in the game, while the marker of a Townie is their honesty and genuineness at scumhunting. Thus a player caught using lies and deception is, arguably, probably a scum player who must lie in order to survive. Secondly, the tenets of Lynch all Liars is designed to promote good Townie behavior; if it becomes acceptable for Townies to regularly lie and use deception to avoid being voted or suspicioned, then it becomes a game of distinguishing Townie lies from Scum lies, which is outside the "spirit" of Mafia. Thus townies should never lie, and if caught in one, voting them is considered the most effective punishment for it.

This belief is not without controversy, however the basic principles behind it are nigh-universally accepted within the SA Mafia community. If you are a Townie, do not lie!!

Some townie lies that have been repeated that don't turn out well for the town:

  • Townie claiming to be a Doctor in an attempt to get the mafia to target them: this often causes the "real" doctor to counterclaim, thus defeating the purpose of the fakeclaim.
  • Doc claiming to be plain Townie: when the Doctor then has to fullclaim, the town doubts it, especially since doctors only fullclaim when they have critical information to share.
  • "I don't need doc protection" when you have no natural protection: it generally just creates confusion for the pro-town roles and often will help the mafia find the doctor.

And for the people who want to learn to play better as scum - don't get caught in a lie!

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