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Completed Games

Peril in Petrograd (Town, L, Endgamed)

Love and Loss in Little Italy (Scum, L, Nightkilled)

Black Tide (Scum, L, Nightkilled)

Bastard Mod (Town, L, Endgamed)

Deep South Mafia (Scum, L, Daykilled)

The Mafia of Zelda: Second Quest (Town, L, Lynched)

America The Beautiful 2: Electric Boogaloo (Third Party, W, ---)

Evil Dead Mafia (Town, L, Endgamed)

Wheel of Time Mafia (Town, W, Nightkilled)

Oddball Mafia (Scum, W, Lynched)

Leviathan (Scum, W, ---)

Bad Idea Mafia 2 (Third Party, L, Lynched)

NES Mafia (Third Party, W, Lynched)

Legend of Zelda: Link to the Mafia (Scum, L, Nightkilled)

Murder Lottery (Town, L, Lynched)

Evil Dead 2 (Town, W, ---)

Heroism in Villainville (Town, W, Nightkilled)

Questions Only Mafia? (Scum, L, Lynched)

Big Trouble in Little Actionville (Scum, L, Nightkilled)

Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Town, W, ---)

Liars, Cheats and Bamboozlers (Town, L, Endgamed)

Answering Questions (Scum, W, Nightkilled[x])

Terror in Torre Lupara (Town, W, Lynched)

Scary Stories!! Mafia (Town, W, ---)

WIFOA IV: Movie Night! (Town, L, Daykilled)

Woodstock Mafia (Town, L, Lynched)

M*A*S*H Mafia (Scum, W, ---)

Adversaries in Exile (Town, W, Nightkilled)

Pink Floyd's The Wall (Town, W, Nightkilled)

In All Probability (Town, W, ---)

Not Without My Daughter (Scum, L, Lynched)

Games Completed: 31

[x] I literally nightkilled myself 'because it was funnier this way'

Win Percentages

All (15 - 16) - 48%

Town (9 - 8) - 53%

Scum (4 - 7) - 36%

Third Party (2 - 1) - 66%

Death Methods

Endgamed - 4 (13%)

Nightkilled - 9 (29%)

Daykilled - 2 (6%)

Lynched - 9 (29%)

Survived - 7 (23)

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