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WIFOA, or Wine in Front of All, is a type of CYOR created by Voodoofly where people gain their roles through role auctions. It has inspired many spin-off games due to its ease of transportation from one type of game to the next, as evidenced by Voodoofly's first three attempts at it that were extremely vanilla (WIFOA I), somewhat complex (WIFOA II), and intentionally and hilariously overpowered (WIFOA III).

WIFOA games consist of three stages - Number Selection, the Role Draft, and the game of mafia itself.

1. Number Selection

In order to decide the draft order for a game of WIFOA, each player privately submits two numbers to the moderator.

Example: Player A submits 2,2; Player B submits 2,3; Player C submits 3,2; Player D submits 2,2; Player E submits 1,4.

The moderator then puts all the first numbers that were selected once in order from lowest to highest, then all the first numbers selected twice from lowest to highest, and so on.

Example: Player E and Player C both submitted numbers that nobody else selected. So, they get put in order lowest to highest: Player E first, then Player C.

Once this is completed, all players tied for the first number then use their second number as a tiebreaker.

Example: Player B submitted a second number that neither Player A nor Player D selected, so he picks after Player C. Note that it doesn't matter that his number is higher than Player A and Player D's, because they selected the same number as one another.

In the case of two players selecting the exact same numbers, a coin flip determines who goes ahead of whom.

Example: Player D wins the coin flip, so the draft order would be: 1) Player E 2) Player C 3) Player B 4) Player D 5) Player A

2. Role Draft

Once the order is decided, a list of roles is given out. These roles can be as diverse as the mod wishes, but generally there should be 2-4 fewer roles than there are players in the game, to ensure competition for the roles and to keep systems like "everyone pick the role corresponding with your draft #" from working.

Example: This game has a role list of Cop, Doctor, Roleblocker, and Vanilla.

In some WIFOA games, at this point players who are scum are told that they are scum, but not who their scumbuddies are. This is to assist them with their role selection, as scum may prioritize roles differently than town. In other WIFOA games, nobody is told their alignment.

Each player submits a private choice for each role to the moderator. Moving from the top of the draft list to the bottom, each player gets the role that they selected as long as no other player selected that role. Players that selected a role that another player chose before them are Vanilla.

Example: 1) Player E - cop 2) Player C - cop 3) Player B - roleblocker 4) Player D - roleblocker 5) Player A - cop

Player E would be the cop, Player B would be the roleblocker. Players C, D, and A would be vanilla. Nobody picked doc, so the role doesn't exist during the game.

3. Mafia!

At this point, scum players are told that they are scum, if they weren't before, and who their scumbuddies are. The game proceeds as normal from there.

Praise for WIFOA:

dy - Your WIFOA games fucking rule, by the way. It's fun every time. Probably my favorite mafia variant.

MM - This was a great game.

Cidrick - The only issue I can think of is that I felt like was that there were way too many power roles for the town, so the balance felt a little in favor of town, especially with an open setup like this. But I think this is something at the very core of WIFOA so it's not something easily fixed, just something you have to accept and roll with since it's more of a fun-oriented game rather than a balance-oriented game.

TLB - The WIFOA mechanic is awesome.

Notable Hilarious Moments

[Oh yeah, FUCK HIM]

[sc4rs you are DEAD!]

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