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The SWATJester gambit is a D1 or D2 method of playing while town that is basically a reverse OMGUS. It was used to great success in Jagged Alliance Mini-Mafia by SWATJester, playing as Shadow (Vanilla Town), who correctly predicted the entire scum team through this tactic. It can be summarized as "If I'm town, and someone suspects me of scum but then changes their mind, that's scummy behavior. The scummier people think I am, the more likely they are to be town"

The SWATJester gambit involves a player, preferably vanilla town (as a power role may have better tactics to use) acting vaguely scummy on D1, but not so much as to get lynched. Then, you review who comes after you. You take note all the players who mentioned that you are probably scum. Next, you then do something to redeem yourself, like making good cases on people, or good analysis of something. Then you see who no longer thinks you are scum.

If a player still thinks you are scummy on D1, they are probably town, especially if they are new or prone to tunneling. However, if a player no longer is claiming you are scummy, they are probably Scum looking for an easy blame target to bandwagon off of.

On D2, you reexamine who is for or against you. If someone was ambivalent or supportive of you on D1, but no longer is after D2, they are probably scum. If they never ever for a second believed that you were scum at any point, they're probably scum trying to distance and gain towny cred when you flip.

After D2, however, there is probably enough post history and enough data going on that this no longer is accurate, and runs the risk of false positives because of OMGUS. However on D1 or D2, it can be a powerful tool for finding out who is trying to fly under the radar as scum. Another drawback is that if done incorrectly, or if you just have bad luck, you could get fucked over and lynched on D1 or D2, and if you are guessing right you'd run a higher than average chance of being NKd on D1 if there's no other information about roles.

It also has the added benefit (some might say drawback) of if you get it wrong and the gambit drives you to lynch a town, at least it was a shitty player who was wishy-washy.

In Summary

After you act slightly scummy:

  • D1: Player attacks you in the beginning of day, then backs away towards the end of day: probably scum
  • D1: Player supports you in the beginning of day, then becomes more suspicious of you towards end of day: null tell.
  • D1: Player thinks you are scummy the entire day: probably town
  • D1: player thinks you are townie the entire day: probably scum.
  • D2: Player didn't care or liked you D1, but thinks you are scum now: probably scum
  • D2: player liked you D1, likes you D2: probably scum.
  • D2: Player didn't care D1, doesn't care D2: null tell, leaning towards town.
  • D2: player did not like you D1, likes you now: null tell - town tend to do this at the beginning of D2 and scum tend to do this at the end of D2.
  • D2: player did not like you D1, does not like you D2 either: probably town

SWATJester Corollary

The SWATJester Corollary is a collateral rule that follows from the SWATJester gambit. Just as the SWATJester Gambit is basically a reverse-OMGUS, the SWATJester Corollary is basically a reverse-scumtell. In the simplest terms, if a player makes an incredibly, blatantly scummy sentence that when viewed on its face would make even a retarded newbie vote for them, they are probably not scum. The reason is that scum actively think to avoid such things. No intelligent scum player would intentionally draw that kind of attention to themselves. Therefore, any player who does is likely town. Note, this does not apply to jokevotes, or anything more complex than the simplest statements. It does not mean that ALL scummy comments should be ignored. Rather, it means that the absolutely most blatantly ridiculous ones should be taken as town-tells. The more innocuous the statement, then, the more scummy it really is.

Here's another idea

How about you just act townie and scumhunt like a regular person.

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