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Ronin of Rakuen - A Game of Mafia

Hosted by: Ecco


Lord Rakuen slept poorly last night; restless dreams of skulls and fire caused him to toss and turn fitfully. Not even his mistress could calm his wild soul. When he awoke in the morning, a message awaited for him from the Emperor; He wanted the aging Lord to go with his retinue to Kyoto, where he will receive a great award, honoring his life of service and obedience to the Emperor. Responding quickly, Rakuen gathered his men, packed his things, and left before mid-day.
During the march, Rakuen received word from his most trusted friend and adviser that some of the men are disgruntled, and are even planning to murder Rakuen, to live free as ronin. Rakuen, remembering the dreams from last night, stopped the march immediately, and ordered his men to make camp. He left the group, and, upon finding a soft clearing with a small river, began to meditate on what had happened.
His dreams were a bad omen, to be sure; what else could they be but portents to a great uprising? But the Emperor's command is law, so he must make it to Kyoto. And yet, he cannot do it alone. But how can he travel with traitors in his company? A great reward would be at the end of this journey, most certainly. But would he and his men have the strength to carry on?
Such was the dilemma of Lord Rakuen that fateful afternoon.

1) Grinnblade
2) That Which Squeaks
3) Tao Jones
4) Illandir
5) Bobatron
6) Highwire
7) LCN
8) Limiting Factor
9) Savahontas
10) BlazinChronic
11) Irreverent Factotum
12) Authorman
13) GlobalHero06
14) Dusz
15) Poke-Protector 2000


As Lord Rakuen meditated, a masked assassin approached and assaulted him, killing him where he sat. The warriors mourned, but their misery turned to anger as they cried for bloody revenge on the murderers. They successfully found a number of the would-be Ronin, even the Lord's dear mistress, his most trusted confidant. The levels of betrayal ran deep and strong. Fortunately, one night it was revealed that Lord Rakuen actually survived the attack, and it was his bodyguard who was killed by the river; he had been hiding among his men for his own protection. Unfortunately, the samurai discovered this by finding the freshly-killed body of their dear Lord Rakuen filled with shurikens. In fear, the warriors fled through the woods, running lost in a haze of tears and wailing. By mid-morning they came upon a small rice town under attack by bandits. The samurai decided that, since their Lord was dead, they would best honor his Spirit by protecting this town. They successfully removed the evil Ninja Assassin from their group, and simultaneously destroyed the remaining bandit warriors. Finally, the last bandit was discovered...

End Flavor:
The town surrounded slackerbitch quickly, thinking they had finally figured everything out. "Slacker was intoxicated last night," shouts Xythar, "and there was no kill. Surely that was the cause!"
The doctors looked confused, and wondered aloud if maybe they were the real protectors. But Xythar poo-poo'd them away, saying it was clearly more likely slackerbitch. They shrugged, and proceeded to run towards slacker with weapons drawn. Slacker, still hung over from the previous night, was too slow to respond, and soon found herself skewered. With her dying breath, she cursed this town, and everyone in it.
Checking her supplies confirmed that indeed, she was not only a bandit, but the bandit leader. From what you can gather, it seems she and her bandit crew thought this town had some secret treasure in it, something other than its rice paddies. In their disappointed anger, they drove the villagers away, intending to raze the town to the ground, looting everything in it. And they almost got away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids.

slackerbitch, Souko, 主人 の 匪賊 [shujin no hizoku] (bandit-aligned godfather), was lynched day 7.

The ronin of Rakuen, having nowhere else to turn, decided to stay a few days after slacker died, cleaning up the place. As word spread that Nakata had defeated their bandit problem, the villagers returned, rebuilding their shattered lives. As the story grew about this remarkable event, people flocked to the town, viewing it as a sacred pilgrimage. The ronin remained for the rest of their days, protecting it from all harm; they decided that fate had brought them here, and that, in the spirit of these kind peasants, Lord Rakuen looks on, watching over them, and guiding them. Soon the paddies returned to their full strength, and with their arrival, life continued in its blissful constancy.
After a few months, the shadow that had fallen Nakata seemed to disappear entirely. All that remained were the legends told of a small town of peasants, joined by a band of distraught warriors, fighting the forces of evil, and winning. It seems that, around the bonfires of history, this tiny town of Nakata would live on forever.

Mod Comments

All-in-all it was a very successful game of mafia. The gimmick of two games joining together was fantastic, even if it didn't work out perfectly for the mafias. The happy ending is what I liked the most however.


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