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A killing role is any role that can remove a player from a Mafia game without the need of a vote, usually by killing that player. There are several roles that can perform kills.

Examples of Killing Roles

  • The Mafia almost always share a kill among them, and use this kill every night to advance their win condition of gaining majority over the town. This kill is called the nightkill.
  • Vigilantes are town players that can choose other players to kill in hopes of taking out scum. Vigilantes can kill either by day, revealing to the town that they are the Vigilante, or by night where their kill is much more anonymous. Vigilantes usually have only a limited number of kills to use.
  • Serial Killers are scum players that win on their own, and must kill every player besides them to win. Like the Mafia, they get a nightkill every night.
  • Bombs and Paranoid Gun Owners kill players who target them at night.

See the Category Killing Roles below for a more comprehensive list.

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