Harry Potter and the Circus of Chaos

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Harry Potter and the Circus of Chaos was a large scale mafia game hosted by chellesandcheese and Token Female. It was an epic game that contained hilarious moments such as:

  • Alasdair (town, Snape) thought that Xythar (town) was Dumbledore. He decided it would be funny to have Snape kill Dumbledore, and used a one-shot vig-kill on Xythar. He then lied about it in-thread. The lie also ended up causing the lynchings of two town players, and was not revealed as a lie until late in the game. The town found it significantly less funny than Alasdair did. This is the start of the phrase "Alasdair lied, townies died." Alasdair was later declared a "fucking douche" by chellesandcheese for inappropriate behavior in the thread and mod killed.
  • Tired Daemon (SK, Vernon Dursley) decided that the fake claim given to him by the mods (Fleur) was no fun, and so decided to give himself a post restriction and post in character as Mr. Filch. Trouble was Mr. Filch was also in the game, played by Stabbing Spork. Stabbing Spork was lynched first, and TD was lynched the next day.
  • Ecco was siblings with Deadbeat Dad (the Patil twins). The two would have won the game if they were the last ones standing; Ecco was a cop, while DD was a mafia doctor. DD told Ecco all the other scum at the start of the game, and the two worked together to keep the balance of the game in their favor, coordinating the mafia's night actions and lynching the right players in-thread. However, in a freak roleclaim made by another third party, the mafia, after many of their own were lynched by the Ecco-DD team, realized DD was siblings with Ecco. One of them (GZ) fullclaimed mafia out of anger, in an attempt to get Ecco lynched. When that failed, the mafia then made DD nightkill himself, taking Ecco down as well (since they were siblings).
  • During LYLO, Women's Rights (town, Ron Weasley) cast the wrong vote against Jose Valesquez (town, a hufflepuff) and scum won the game. Jose has yet to forgive WR for this.

The game is still remembered fondly by players and mods alike.

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