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My Big Metapost:

"When town: Town might make mistakes, town might lurk, town might give shitty reasoning for their votes. Ignore the fact that someone's doing something that seems to go against rational town behavior because in the end people are not always rational. How many times have I seen town get voted down either without claiming or without doing a 'I am town so here is my final statement so please read this after I die and am confirmed town'. The one true question to ask yourself is 'what pro-scum motivation is behind this action'. Some player try a weird gambit? Does that gambit really benefit scum? Could be town! Players on these forums for some weird reason don't take night actions as gospel and try to focus on player behavior, but since players are not completely rational creatures I think that's dumb practice. In almost all the games I recently won as scum, a closer look at the motivations behind night actions could have spelled things out. Real scum tells aren't "This player lurks" or "This player tunnels" but "This player knew too much" and "This player is a little too accurate" and "This player should have been lynch-able but wasn't" are usually good. Personally I value speculation highly because it keeps you paranoid of all conceivable options you can think of. Also, try weird things, and act unexpectedly. If you're a role that can prove you're town, then act as scummy as you'd like to see who jumps on you. If you're Vanilla, then act like you're a power role. Similarly, if someone else pulls the same, ask yourself if the scum directly benefited or not before judging them.

When scum: You're not scum. You're town. No, shut up, forget your scum buddies and whatever abilities they may have, you're playing the game as town. If your scum buddy says something that's scummy, you call them out. It's the safest callout you'll ever have, because you can be sure there's scum motivation behind it. On the flip side, don't be dumb and try to manipulate the town when unnecessary. If one of your scum buddies is catching heat, chances are that heat's going to stay on them. If their lynch is inevitable, then don't delay it, jump in with both feet even if you're the first vote. Legitimately scum hunt. Town will act scummy. Just think: when you're town you don't vote with 100% accuracy, and that's not just because of scum influence. Similarly, scum don't actually need to say a single scum-motivated thing to win the game, and that's usually how I play. Have a fake claim planned from as early as possible. Good fake claims can completely get you ignored, and if you have scum buddies willing to take a dive you'll take the game by storm. Be cautious with night actions but not too cautious.

And in either case, be willing to admit your own faults and mistakes rather than trying to ignore them. Overly defending your previous actions, if that action is commonly regarded as scummy, will get you lynched. If you've been acting scummy and making bad calls, then you should be suspicious if players are ignoring you. If someone says something makes a player 'more townie' examine that claim because 9 times out of 10 they are mistaken."


Aquabats Mafia

Worse Idea Mafia

Traditional Games Mafia

Warhammer 40k 2.5

Warhammer 40k

Seriously, This Is The Worst Idea Mafia


Anime Club Mafia <In Progress>

Big Bob's Robot Revenge <Scum> <Godfather> <Won>

Marvel vs Capcom 3 <Town> <Cop> <Lost>

Kirby: The Revenge of Meta Knight <Scum> <Godfather> <Won>

Mafia: Mystery Setup <Scum> <Lynchbomb> <Lost>

Battlestar Galactica Mafia <Scum> <Godfather> <Won>

Community Mafia <Town> <Prankster> <Won>

Big Bob's Robot Revolt <Town> <Blueprint Maker> <Lost>

From Hell: Jack the Ripper <Town> <Vanilla> <Won>

World of Warcraft: Horde <Town> <Blood Elf Paladin> <Partial Win>

A Gay Romp in Guernica <Vanilla> <Town> <Won>

Lost II <Town> <Insane Cop, Vig-Killed day 1> <Won>

SA Forums Mafia <Town> <Invisible Doctor, Sacrifice Role to Post> <Won>

Disgaea Mafia <Town> <Insane Cop> <Won>

Resident Evil 4 <Town> <Governor> <Won>

HACKER <Town> <Cop> <Won>

Douglas Adams Mafia <Town> <Vanilla> <Won>

South Park Mafia <Town> <Town Mason/Watcher/Temporary Serial Killer> <Won>

Mafia with a Vengeance <Town> <Vanilla> <Won>

The Betrayer is a Dick <Third Party> <Autowin> <Won>

As the Time Draws Nigh <Third Party> <Survivor Hider> <Won>

Hit(men)s of the 80s! <Town> <Jailer> <Lost>

Electric Six Mafia 2.5 <Town> <Doctor> <Lost>

Fresh Brains <Town> <Vanilla> <Lost>

For the LOVE of the game <Town> <Lover> <Lost>

Mini-Turbo Mindfuck <Town> <Vanilla> <Lost>

Legends of the Hidden Temple II <Town> <Vanilla> <Lost>

Vote Now Discuss Later <Town> <Vanilla> <Lost>

Mad Science <Scum> <Godfather> <Won>

Help Me Make Friends <Scum> <Vanilla> <Won>

Supreme Court Mafia <Scum> <Vanilla> <Won>

Democracy Mafia <Scum> <Vanilla> <Won>

Fallout Mafia <Scum> <Roleblocker> <Won>

Firefly Mafia <Scum> <Vanilla> <Won>

Philosopher Mini Mafia <Scum> <Vanilla> <Lost>

France 1944.142857 <Scum> <Ignore Doc> <Lost>

Electric Six III <Third Party> <Serial Killer> <Lost>

Thirteen Angry Ventures <Third Party> <Serial Killer> <Lost>

Dynasty Warriors Mafia <Third Party> <Bus Driver> <Lost>

Box of Hats <Town> <Vanilla> <Abandoned>

Meta Mafia <Town> <Vanilla> <Abandoned>

Paranoia Mafia <Town> <Vanilla> <Abandoned>

Best win right here: US Election '08 <Third Party> <Babbler> <Won>

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